An Exotic Trip To Ninh Binh

An Exotic Trip To Ninh Binh

An Exotic Trip To Ninh Binh

It takes you 2 hours driving from Hanoi to have a great trip to Ninh Binh. Wandering through the vast rice fields, peaceful villages and limestone mountains, you yourself find the rhythms of authentic countryside in Ninh Binh.

Lunch at the local house to experience the best gastronomic with sizzling rice pancakes, fried spring rolls or delicious goat meat with chili, lemongrass dipped into peanut sauce. Sitting in the table under the large trees, with the whistle of birds and slow wind, how interesting you feel!

Pic-Tasty goat – the speciality of Ninh Binh

To conquer the beautiful nature and discover the beauty hidden behind each “wheels of journey”, you should not miss a 7 kilometer biking here. Two contrast sights, limestone mountains in right and lotus pond and rice paddy in left are perfectly combined.

Van Long Nature Reserve is a must among Vietnam detinations when you come to Ninh Binh. Taking a sampan to discover the untouched nature, the intriguing cave and the most splendid rays of sunsets reflecting the calm waterway! That is the reason why people call Ninh Binh as “Halong Bay on land”.

4 Most Awesome Features of Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex

The Only Vietnam’s Scenic Landscape Complex World Heritage Sites

Trang An, the combination of both Cultural and Natural Beauty, is the only Vietnam’s World Heritage Sites recognized as a Scenic Landscape Complex by the UNESCO. With over 120 kilometers square, Trang An is the junction of amazingculture and wonderful, mysterious, majestic nature.

Pic- Most Trans-Water Caves in the world

Trang An is a system of grottoes that connect to each other into a circle. With 48 grottoes their own interesting stories, it is now the scenic sites that consists of most trans- water caves in the world such as Sinh, Dia Linh, Ba Giot, Nau Ruou, Quy Hau… When rowing on the stream under Trang An’s caves, visitors should keep their heads down to avoid touching the roofs.

A Unique Diospyros Decandra Tree (Thi Tree)

The unique diospyros decandra tree grew closely to sacred Phu Khong in Trang An. Coming to Phu Khong by boats through 13 mysterious cave with 13 kilometers length, tourists have chance contemplate one of the most wonderful trees in Vietnam. After thousands years of vicissitudes in Vietnamese history, the diospyros decandra tree now is still superb like an elephant reflected against the lake and cover the ancient Phu Khong.

A specialty which made the tree more unique, is that there are two kinds of Thi fruit, one like a yellow apple, other looks like a mango. In the beginning of the autumn, their flavor spreads in a large space that brings the visitors special expressions. Once coming to Trang An, you cannot miss the chance to try it up.

● Trang An One Day Tour from Hanoi for Discovery in this Heritage Site

The Most Astonishing Bird Garden

That is Thung Nham Bird Garden (or Bird Park) with its natural wetland ecosystem about 3.35 kilometers square including 0.2 kilometers square are primary forests. The park is home to about 46 bird species that consist of a number of endangers species in the Red Book such as Giang Sen small Coc De…

It is also the only garden in Vietnam to have the 1000-year-old toothbrush tree (Duoi tree). The tree with plenty of foliage grew next to the giant limestone. All visitors who once came to Trang An were surprised at this majestic tree.
With this particularity of both nature and culture, Trang An has been recognized by UNESCO as Natural and Cultural World Heritage Sites on June, 2014.

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