Ba Be National Park: Vietnam Beautiful Scenery

Ba Be National Park: Vietnam Beautiful Scenery

Ba Be National Park

Beautiful scenes in Bac Kan you should visit once
Bac Kan is a mountainous province in the Northeast region of Vietnam, whose topography is dominated by many mountain ranges with arc valleys facing the east. But not for that reason, this place lacks beautiful scenery and tourists from all over the world. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 beautiful sights in Bac Kan that you can not miss when coming there!

Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is known as the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam and is recognized as a special national monument. The lake has an area of about 500 hectares and is surrounded by limestone mountains, caves and countless underground streams. With the combination of charming mountains and water, the lake appears as a captivating watercolor painting. In the US in 1995, the World Freshwater Lakes Conference recognized Ba Be as one of the 20 special freshwater lakes in the world that needs to be protected.

Ba Be National Park

50 km north from Bac Kan city, Ba Be National Park is a special-use forest, an eco-tourism area and a large national park with many rare and precious species of flora and fauna. Nature endows this place with attractive beauty with many caves located on limestone mountains and the diversity of thousands of species of flora and fauna. It is the pristine and mysterious beauty of Ba Be National Park that has created a very unique attraction that tourists from all over the world are impressed and excited about

Silver Waterfall

Silver Waterfall is located in Hoang Tri commune and in the buffer zone of Ba Be National Park. Silver Waterfall is no different from a white silk strip when viewed from the top of Khau Vang pass. This place is 40m high with almost vertical cliffs and gentle flowing water. Cool green puddles with thousands of white bubbles in peaceful mountain space deserve an ideal tourist destination to dispel the hot summer days.

Puong Cave

Puong Cave is a landscape located on Nang River in Ba Be National Park area. The cave is 300 meters length, more than 30 meters hight with vertical cliffs and stalactites of various colors and shapes. In the cave, there are always flocks of bats living and staying. This place is a very unique and attractive eco-tourism destination that visitors should not miss when visiting Ba Be National Park.

Fairy Cave

From a distance, the cave has the image of a young girl sleeping in the middle of the old forest, full of beauty and impression. As soon as visitors set foot in the cave, it feels like we are lost in a completely different world. The darkness inside contrasts with the light outside, the cool, quiet atmosphere with the blur of steam and the sound of water gurgling bring visitors an extremely impressive and enjoyable experience.

Fairy Pond

Fairy Pond has a circular shape, located separate from the lake, so there is no water source flowing in or out. The water there is always calm, clear, located in the middle of the primeval forest valley. Surrounded by tropical forests, the climate there is extremely cool and fresh all year round. It is said that this was the place where the fairies in the sky often came down to bathe and play.

Room Waterfall

Room waterfall area is a blend of a complex of rocky beaches, rivers and mountains along with the natural scenery of the mountains and forests. This place was formed by being blocked by the cliff of Cau River, creating an interesting landscape. The waterfall is sometimes violent and powerful, hitting the rocks, causing foam to rise and silver waves appear, sometimes gently wriggling through the rocky crevices to create a gentle, smooth symphony sound of an upland area. Certainly, in the Northeast of Vietnam, no one will miss the opportunity to witness firsthand the wild and majestic beauty of this beautiful Bac Kan landscape.

Kim Hy Nature Reserve

Kim Hy Nature Reserve has an area of more than 14,000 hectares, which preserves the pristine status of rich nature along with diverse flora and fauna ecosystems, forests located on limestone mountains, which are unique symbols of Northeast Vietnam. It will be interesting experience when we can rest under the dense forest trees, enjoy the symphony of birds and the scent of plants that can only be felt in the deep forest.

Thach Long Pagoda

Thach Long pagoda is located in the cleanest, most spacious and airy cave in Vietnam. Every year, the pagoda in the cave can accommodate up to thousands of Buddhist monks and nuns to attend the festival. This place is also associated with many mysterious stories and is a historical relic of the country that tourists should visit when coming to Bac Kan. On the 7th of January every year, the festival at Thach Long Pagoda is held and attracts tourists and Buddhists from all over the world to offer incense and pray to Buddha with the desire to bring luck, happiness and peace.

Pac Ngoi Tourist Village

Pac Ngoi village has ancient houses on stilts covered with yin and yang tiles and has a unique architectural design. For generations, people in the village have lived by cultivating rice, corn on the alluvial banks along the river and catching fish, shrimps on Ba Be Lake.
Coming to Pac Ngoi village, visitors can experience the culture and enjoy the specialties of extremely attractive lake area such as sleeping on stilts, catching fish on rivers, lakes and watching ethnic girls performances,…

As a province in the Northeast region of Vietnam, Bac Kan has a great tourism potential because of the diversity of cultures as well as the presence of many outstanding natural landscapes. Don’t forget to pocket these beautiful scenes of Bac Kan above to have fun and interesting trips in this place for yourself!

By Thu Trang.