Binh Ba Island – A Popular Destination in Summer

Binh Ba Island – A Popular Destination in Summer

Our journey to Binh Ba probably takes us to majestic mountains and charming beaches. We started our journey at Cat Lai ferry (District 2, Ho Chi Minh City) in the early morning and plan to reach the destination by following the coastal road.

The coastal road of Binh Chau route passing 2 beautiful lakes in Vung Tau city, namely Coc and Ho. (Ba Ria, Vung Tau). The scenery on this route promise to drive you crazy amid the fresh cool air.
After having lunch, we reached the amazing Mui Ne fishing village, featuring the boats, basket- boats, the pristine blue water of the sea, the smooth sandy beach, etc.

Travel a hundred meter further, we got to Rom Island in the late afternoon, actually a quiet and peaceful afternoon. Then we crossed the impressive Bau Trang Street which has been distinctly familiar to pack packers. Standing on this street, we could hold a panoramic view of the stunning sand dunes. It would be one of the most unforgettable experiences during our journey. At 5 p.m that day, we set foot in the Cham Tower (Phan Rang city), in which it crosses Vinh Hao beach.

We did have a breath of fresh air in Vinh Hao Beach. Both local residents and tourists were immersing themselves in the pure blue water of the sea. Finally, we got to Ba Ngoi port at 8 p.m to get on a canoe to reach Binh Ba Island. During the day time, tourists just need to pay 2$ to set foot in the island after 15 minutes of travelling by canoe. If you travel by motorbike, you must park your motorbike right t the port.

However, we got there late, so we hired a boat carrying both passengers and vehicles. It was a memorable night because, in the end, we set foot in the « dark » island because of the power cut after nearly an hour of « floating » on the sea. Asking the local residents, we knew that the « overcrowded » island made it cut electricity temporarily. Interestingly, we did treat ourselves a big feast with lobsters, shellfishes and the local famous fish named « Ca Mu », then find the guesthouse to stay.

The charming beauty of Binh Ba Island in the morning promise to « allure » all tourists. From the trail to the slope, you can see the stunning attraction on the island named Rua Island. Travelling a little bit further, you will have a crush on the «romantic » grassland like that in Da Lat.

Noticeably, this amazing island offers coral diving at a reasonable price.

You can stroll, swim, or even try adventurous games if you want to challenge yourself and experience thrilling activities at Nom beach. This beautiful sea is surrounded by two mountains that make it calm all year round. However, this prevents tourists from greeting the dawn in the early morning. As a compensation for this disadvantage, Nom owns the soft white beach and purest blue water, so it is crowded with both tourists and locals at about 4 p.m. Get there, you definitely stay away from the bustle of the city life as well as your own worries.

At midday, we returned the mainland to continue our journey to the poetic Da Lat city. From Cam Ranh port to the south, you can straight ahead and make a way to the crossroad to get to National Highway 27B. Travelling through this National Highway, you will get to National Highway 27, then reach the destination by following two most impressive passes in Vietnam, namely Ngoan Muc Pass (at the end of National Highway 27) and Dran Pass (on National H This This route has the stunning Song Sat Ninh Thuan water reservoir on National Highway 27B. It is featured with a beautiful lake on one side, and majestic mountains on the other side.

I accidentally saw a white sheep farm of Ninh Thuan. Located near Lam Dong province, this farm raises up to thousands of sheep.

Crossing Ngoan Muc Pass, we continued to go across D’Ran Pass at that night to reach the center of Da Lat City. The city welcomed us with the « sparkling and twinkling» light.

At 10:30 p.m, the night market remained crowded. After walking around the market, we dropped by the famous Batoa beef hot pot restaurant to enjoy a good late night meal before coming back the homestay. Greeting the very first rays of light from the sun, inhaling the fresh cool air of the city, we were all energetic to start a new day.

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