Da Lat

Things To Do in Da Lat

Charming scenery in Da Lat
The name Da Lat has long become a familiar name to many tourists both at home and abroad. Possessing cool weather all year round, beautiful style here, this place is considered one of the top tourist destinations in Vietnam. Today, let’s pocket the top most beautiful DaLat tourist areas so you can admire this foggy city to the fullest!

Xuan Huong Lake

Once set foot in Da Lat, no one can not remember the image of a poetic and lyrical lake as its name is winding in the heart of the city – Xuan Huong lake. This name is named after a famous female poet of Nom, who lived in the 19th century of Vietnam. Few people know that Xuan Huong Lake is an artificial lake, shaped like a crescent moon extending up to 25ha. An interesting activity when visiting Da Lat is riding a duck on Xuan Huong Lake, you can both see the foggy city from many different perspectives, and feel the peaceful and cool atmosphere, bringing to life a peaceful atmosphere. visitors experience interesting and unforgettable events.

Tuyen Lam Lake

It is the largest freshwater lake in Dalat, located 7 km from the city center of Dalat and 2 km from Datanla waterfall. This is considered a complex concentrating many beautiful scenery and various tourism services. The lake has many small islands and is surrounded by a pine forest. You can travel by cable across Robin Hill, watch the pine forest, Tuyen Lam Lake, Phuong Hoang Mountain from high altitude.

Lang Biang

Located 12 km from the city center, this place is a suitable place for those who are passionate about discovering traditional culture and experiencing real life with the local people. Because at the foot of Lang Biang mountain is the living place of the K’Ho ethnic group, which also preserves many cultural and spiritual features, imbued with the national identity of the South Central Highlands. And surely everyone knows the most unique and attractive culture that is Gong Culture in the Central Highlands. Therefore, coming here, the village not only immerses itself in the unspoiled nature of the mountains, learns about the culture and life of the people, but also experiences the thrilling game full of adventure and adventure on the top of the mountain.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is one of the places that tourists often mention; it is very sacred and suitable for those who come to worship and sightseeing. Temple is located at 120 Tu Phuoc in the area of Trai Mat, 8 km from the city center of Dalat, on Highway 20. The temple is a unique mosaic architecture of Dalat.