Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Experiencing the Simple Life in Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Visiting Ham Ninh fishing village, you will feel the primitive and rustic life with thatched cottages with bamboo walls of the fishermen here. In the afternoon, you can see the blue sea, the Hai Tac (Pirate) Islands in the distance, Hon Nghe (Nghe Island) looming in the sea.

Visiting Ham Ninh (Phu Quoc, Kien Giang), you will have opportunities to visit the ancient villages, immerse yourselves in the life of the simple- minded fishermen whose main occupation is diving for pearls, sea cucumbers and spreading nets. Ham Ninh today is also famous for Bai Vong jetty, beautiful beaches, and rustic and attractive Ham Ninh fishing village.

The rustic and attractive Ham Ninh fishing village
No one knows when this village appeared, people just know that, when the island was still deserted, some residents from far came here to fish, and established the village.

In Minh Mang reign, Ham Ninh was a village of Phu Quoc canton, Ha Chau District, An Bien Government, Ha Tien Province. Over the Thieu Tri, Tu Duc times, and in the early French domination period, Ham Ninh belonged to the county of Kien Giang, then Rach Gia and Ha Tien. From 25th May, 1874, Ham Ninh belonged to Phu Quoc county. From 16th June, 1875, Ham Ninh was located on Ha Tien county. From 1st May, 1876, it was called the village of Ha Tien county. From 20th August, 1888, Ham Ninh changed to become a village of Chau Doc county. From 27th December, 1892, it returned to belong to the county of Ha Tien.

The poetic beauty of the pier in Ham Ninh ancient fishing village
Ham Ninh fishing village is located on the east coast of the island, behind the mountain and facing the immense sea. Ham Ninh sea is still shallow a few hundred yards away. Standing on Ham Ninh beach, we can the Pirate Islands in the distance; the dim Hon Nghe on the blue waters in the Southeast; and Ong Doi cape, the last headland of the island in the South.

The first impression when coming to this land is that you will admire the 300m high Ham Ninh mountain. Here, people have still preserved the legend of Mr. Dao Dun. The story is that, there was the old man living in a cave in the mountain, tilling the fields and planting banana, he occasionally brought the ripen banana down the mountain and hung on the crossroad for travelers and pilgrims to eat to assuage their hunger. Pedestrians who wanted to give something to him also hung the items in that place. After a period of time when people did not see him went down the mountain, they went to the cave and discovered that he had passed away a long time ago, his white skeleton had been lined up. It was thought that Mr. Dao Dun turned into a fairy; therefore, he knew in advance the time he would travelled to the fairyland (pass away).

Ham Ninh mountain has been associated with the legend of Mr. Dao Dung
Visit Ham Ninh in the early morning or at night when the moon shines, we can enjoy fully the beauty of the sea. Coming here, visitors will enjoy views of the sun or the moon “floating” on the sea.

The sunrise over Ham Ninh fishing village
Time flies, but the scenery in Ham Ninh fishing village still retains the wild characters. The lifestyle of people has not changed either. While the outside world is bustling with chaos and worries of life, noise, bustle, the Ham Ninh fishing village remains its peace, steadiness in the rustic, idyllic people and the harmony of man with the nature.

Life of residents in Ham Ninh village

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