Fansipan Legend Cable Car System-Facts that not many People Know

Fansipan Legend Cable Car System-Facts that not many People Know

The introduction of Fansipan Legend cable car system helps to shorten the time to conquer the roof of Indochina. Previously, it took visitors 2 to 4 days to climbing to the peak, but now, you spend only 15 minutes sitting in the cable car to reach the top of Fansipan. However, do you all the interesting facts about this wonderful slings? Let’s explore with us!
Fansipan Legend Cable Car System-Facts that not many People Know
The most complicated cable car project in the world
Fansipan cable car project is located in the complex of tourist projects, entertainment, hotels in Sapa, and is built with the aim of bringing more tourists to the roof of Indochina, where is at the altitude of up to 3143m.

Fansipan cable car system is the first and only cable car system in the world which operates without the conventional rescue system. Because, when experiencing any problems, the cable car takes visitors to the foothill safety.

It is remarkable that Fansipan cable cars are constructed by Doppelmayr, the world-famous cable car manufacturers with the unique 3- cable design and the strictest technical requirements to ensure the safety of travelers.
Fansipan slings received two Guinness Records
In February 2016, on the occasion of the cable car system’s inauguration, Fansipan slings were given the two records by Guinness World Records Organization:

  • The longest non-stop three- wire cable car: 6292,5m
  • The greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three- wire cable car: 1410m

This is the pride of the team of designers and constructors, the new pride of the people of Sapa for a new project of international stature. Fansipan cable car system, in the near future, will be one of the phrases that are most mentioned when people talk about Sapa.
Fansipan Legend Cable Car System-Facts that not many People Know

The slings at the height of 3,143 meters
Fansipan cable car is located at an altitude of 3143 meters above sea level, starting in Muong Hoa valley to the top of Fansipan, which is known as the Roof of Indochina.

Each cabin running on the cable car system can accommodate up to a maximum of 30- 35 guests and the capacity is impressive with 2,000 guests throughout the system/ hour. Time total time of climbing the Fansipan peak was formerly 2- 4 days, but now it is dramatically shortened to just 15 minutes traveling by cable cars.
Fansipan Legend Cable Car System-Facts that not many People Know

However, you still need to conquer the final steps to reach the top of the mountain. After getting off at the station, you will have to climb another 600 steps to reach the top of Fansipan, where is at an of altitude 3143 meters.
Shortening the journey to conquer the “Roof of Indochina”
At the height of 3143m compared to sea level of Indochina Rooftop, Fansipan peak challenges the perseverance and a sense of conquest, expresses passion and aspirants of the travelers. Previously, Fansipan was only for those who are strong and healthy enough, patient and persistent enough; nowadays, it is the destination for everyone because the way to the peak is shortened a lot.

From here, the path to the Roof of Indochina will be faster, closer. The opportunity to experience a great feeling on the peak to see impressive nature will come with more people. Fansipan slings really create miracles.
So, do you want to take the cable car to the top of Fansipan?
Fansipan Legend Cable Car is a great work, isn’t it? So let’s go to Sapa and take the cable car and enjoy the feeling on the peak of Fansipan right now! How can you reach Sapa? Taking a bus is the fastest, safest and most convenient solution for you.
Fansipan Legend Cable Car System-Facts that not many People Know

To be ensured and comfortable, you should arrive at the station 30 minutes earlier than the departure. You can catch buses of the brands of Vietbus, Sao Viet, Hung Thanh… in My Dinh Bus station or on 284 Giai Phong street. Advantages of the car include going straight to Sapa town and not stopping at any station, the car also runs at night like trains. However, traveling by car may face obstacles in the rainy season. Also, the road to Lao Cai, Sapa is quite steep and bumpy.

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