Interesting Experiences in Mandalay, Myanmar

Interesting Experiences in Mandalay, Myanmar

Mandalay city in Myanmar –home to the charming and hidden beauty will become close than ever through the lens of Philipp- a famous travel blogger.

Hire a bike and explore the city by your own way

Bikes are vehicles can be found everywhere in Mandalay with a very cheap rental. There are numerous interesting destinations in Mandalay you could easily visit by bike. The traffic of the city is quite convenient and. More important, during your biking tour, you will find out many interesting things which are even more interesting than visiting a famous place.

Visit a gold leaf workshop

The most impressive thing in Myanmar is maybe gold. Gold is not only used to decorate on Buddha images, outside pagodas, but also used to plate on the ceiling or on furniture in rich households.
King Golon is one of the most famous and oldest gold workshops in Mandalay. Visiting this place, you will have a chance to observe the process of making gold leaf. All people at King Galon are happy and enthusiastic so you may try yourself by hammering on packages of gold leaf.

Visit stone carving workshop

Mandalay is a city owing a lot of traditional workshops but the most highlighted one is stone carving. You could move to Sagaing region to visit these workshops. The entire area seems to be covered by smooth dust from marbles.

Visit Maha Muni Pagoda

Maha Muni is the most sacred pagoda of Mandalay which is just after Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon in terms of fame. The pagoda is large and beautiful with many doors and balconies leading to the main shrine. You will be impressed with the large Buddha statue plated with gold. The special thing of this region is that only men are allowed to enter, all women only watch the statue from outside.

Relax at Shwenandaw Monastery

After riding a bike and strolling around areas of Mandalay, you could spend some time to relax. Shwenandaw – a famous monastery built of teak. It will be an interesting experience when relaxing and admiring complicated architectural sculptures of the monastery.

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Enjoy street food of Mandalay

The advantage of a biking tour is that you could stop anywhere you want. You could stop regularly to enjoy delicious street food in Mandalay. The best thing in Myanmar cuisine is that after enjoying dishes, you will be offered a warm pot of tea for free. Strange dishes of Mandalay will be unforgettable impression during your journey.

Explore Amarapura and U Bein Bridge

Amarapura was once the capital of Myanmar. Currently, this ancient capital has been known for silk products, Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Monastery and U Bein- the world’s longest teak bridge.

In the Maha Gandhayon Kyaung Monastery, at around 10 am each morning, there will be a lot of novices standing in line for making alms.

Admire scenery from Sagaing Hill

Sagaing is the area outside Mandalay. To get there, you need to cross Ayeyarwady River. Sagaing is specially famous for its hill named Sagaing Hill – one of the major Buddhist centers in Myanmar which is home to more than 600 monasteries and stupas as well as 6000 monks.

Take a boat trip to visit Inwa village

Inwa as well as Amarapura and Sagaing are the three most ancient cities in Myanmar. You need to take a boat from the bank of Ayeyarwady River to get there. The road from the riverbank to get into the region is quite poor, so most of the tourists travel by horse drawn cart. Like most of the ancient cities in Myanmar, you will be amazed by majestic pagodas with unique architecture and stunning views there.

Visit the ancient village of Mingun

Mingun is about 11 km from Madalay, you could get there by road but most of the tourists travel by waterway. Almost all the tourists visiting Mandalay do not miss this impressive destination because it owns many most important historical relics of Myanmar, including Mingun Pahtodawgyi, relic – a pagoda built with red bricks. If it was completed, it would be the largest brick Buddhist work in the world with the expected height of 150 meters.

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