Memorable Day Trip to Cai Be Floating Market in Mekong Delta

Memorable Day Trip to Cai Be Floating Market in Mekong Delta

Memorable Day Trip to Cai Be Floating Market in Mekong Delta

While Mekong Delta is most famous for its exotic wildlife, we also cannot help mentioning the hectic floating markets here. There are many floating markets in the region but the most well-known must be Cai Be in Tien Giang Province. It is also the biggest wholesale market in the whole Mekong Delta.

The attractiveness of Cai Be Floating Market is so great that every Mekong Delta Cruise have to go past it once so travelers can immerse themselves in the busy daily life of the locals. From afar, Cai Be looms behind the coconut trees but visitors can already hear the voices of hundreds of sellers and buyers added with the “soundtracks” of the boats’ engine. In the nearby area, there is an abundance of rivers, canals gardens and rice fields. Waterways is the only mean of transportation in Cai Be.

The market often opens from as early as 5 a.m, just before sunrise. That’s when hundreds of boats from all corners of the Mekong Delta gather to trade all kinds of goods, from cloth, house ware to poultry, seafood and even beverages. However, the most popular trading item in Cai Be is tropical fruits. There is even an exclusive area just for fruit trading, stretching for several kilometers. Boats come here from Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, An Giang, Can Tho or Ca Mau. They altogether create a fruit heaven in the middle of Mekong Delta, from mango, orange, watermelon to the less popular ones like durian, guava, pomelo, tangerine or rambutan. There are also some small boat catering like a food stall, weaving through the trading boats to sell rice meals, pho, hu tieu (a famous local food in Southern Vietnam). So when visiting Cai Be Floating Market, you don’t have to worry about the absence of eating spots. You can also buy yourself some fruits but prepare to haggle unless you’re accompanied with an experienced Vietnamese tour guide.

Meandering deeper into the market, you will encounter the green zone which sells vegetables. One interesting fact here is that each boat will hang a sign labeling its selling item so there’s no intrusive offering here.

When the sun gradually disappear behind the lush trees in the distant background, Cai Be Floating Market is lit up. At nights, the market does not lose its vibrancy. With hundreds of yellow lights dotted in the darkness of the wild Mekong Delta, this is the perfect time for photographers to showcase their talents. At the end of the day, you can have the chance to listen to traditional Southern Vietnam folk music, a memorable finishing touch to your day trip to Cai Be.

No journey to the Mekong Delta is complete without taking a visit to Cai Be Floating Market. When coming here, you will explore and learn a lot about one of the liveliest corners of the S-shaped Vietnam.

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