Notes for Your Trip to the North in the Winter

Notes for Your Trip to the North in the Winter

Skillfully choosing warm and lightweight clothes, carrying medicines necessary items to avoid the cold… are the important notes that visitors should pay attention to while planning a trip to the mountains in the winter.

In the winter, Ha Giang, Moc Chau, Mau Son, Sa Pa… attract tourists with flower hills, plum blossom and specialty snowfall. Traveling to the high mountains in the cold season, you should note the following things in order to have a perfect trip.

Clothes and Accessories
The winter in the north of our country is very cold, but you should not bring too thick clothes.

Shirt/ Coat: Experience shows that wearing layers of thin clothing will help you keep body temperature’s stability longer than wearing a thick coat. You should wear the long-sleeved shirt to keep heat, a sweater than a coat. The outer jacket should be windbreaker, leather coat or coat made of waterproof material.

Pants: You should wear pants with a layer of cotton or fleece lining inside, and wear the pants with elastic materials such as thick cotton, felt, or “wind” pants outside.

Anti-slip shoes and rain boots: Wear boots with materials which can keep warm inside. Rain boots, which are boots made of nylon, has advantages of being small, portable and can be used only once.

Socks: You are advised not to wear many socks because they will bound your feet and cause inconveniences in walking. The best choices are wool thick socks for winter with the thicker part in the soles. If you wear thin socks, you should wear 2- 3 layers to keep your feet warm. It is necessary to use long socks to keep the heat better.

Scarves: Do not forget to bring a warm scarf as they will be extremely useful and effective in keeping the body warm.
Apart from the common things brought when traveling such as phones, battery chargers, cameras, memory cards, lighters, umbrellas, raincoats… you also need to prepare additional heating pads, heating bag, rechargeable backup … In addition, some newspaper or paper towels will help you in drying things and dehumidifying footwear.

It is best not to ride the motorbikes, but if there is no other choice, your vehicle should be thoroughly equipped to ensure the safety throughout the journey. Riding motorbikes when it is snowing, especially in pass roads, you must slow down. Yu should not control the engine back to zero modes or use the brake because this easily lead to skidding. If you are careful, you should equip your vehicles with tires with spikes for both cars and motorcycles for slip resistance.

When the weather gets too bad, you should stop moving and find the nearest shelter to prevent risks that may occur. You should make a suitable schedule to reach the destination before nightfall.
In addition, fresh vegetables such as mint, carrots, lettuce, stud lentils, onions, basil, marjoram, wormwood … or hot and spicy vegetables such as ginger, onion , chili, pepper, garlic… will contribute to warmer the body, help prevent colds and fight the flu.

Traveling to high places in the cold season, you should prepare carefully medicine, especially those with help prevent the cold, flu, fever, headache, balm oil, ginger oil to avoid the cold. Bring a few packs of ginger tea and drink them in the early morning to relax your mind and stabilize your body temperature.
Other notes

  • Do not bring small children when traveling to the places where the temperature is too low.
  • Bring lotion, moisturizing lipstick to avoid parched.
  • Pack belongings and luggage in plastic bags before putting on the backpack and prepare backup outfit to replace the wet clothes.

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