Nui Coc Lake- the Land of Legends in Thai Nguyen Province

Nui Coc Lake- the Land of Legends in Thai Nguyen Province

The Dan – Tan Cuong – Nui Coc Provincial Road is asphalted smoothly, is winding, and gently embraces the immense green hills, the green of the trees and the green of the Tan Cuong tea leaves- the representative of the famous Thai Nguyen tea. Following that road about 15km from Thai Nguyen city center, visitors can not help being flabbergasted in front of a mountain lake with alternate big and islands – Nui Coc lake.

Nui Coc Lake scenic area

Nui Coc Lake is not a natural lake, the lake was created when a dam was built on Cong river. With 89 heaving islands all over the lake, Nui Coc Lake is like a miniature of Ha Long Bay. Clouds blend with the mountains, the trees are silhouetted against the blue lake with exotic allure, especially for those who have already been familiar with high-rise buildings and crowded streets.

The three-door temple gate leading to the ancient house

During the Voyage on the lake, tourists can not help being curious about a large three-door temple gate on Nui Cai island. Docking here, stepping over the gate, visitors will have to step up the 108 steps to reach the Ancient house. This house is about 200 years old. Inside the house, over 1,000 objects are displayed, these items on display are the products of traditional villages taken from more than 90 handicraft villages in all parts of the country.

Legend of Ms. Cong and Mr. Coc

Referring to Nui Coc Lake, we should not forget to mention the love between Ms. Cong and Mr. Coc – a tragic love which still leaves traces nowadays.

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy living as a woodcutter, his name was Coc. Because he was too poor, he could not get married. When he was sad, he could only send his feelings on melodies of the flute. In a bad harvest year, he came to the house of the hereditary mandarin to work as a hired labor. This mandarin had a beautiful daughter who was well-known throughout the region for singing and dancing beautifully, her name was Cong. Many people came to ask to marry her but she didn’t like anyone. As an union made in heaven, the flute’s melody of Mr. Coc made Ms. Coc’s heart stirred.

Nui Coc Lake is associated with the legend of tragic love of Ms. Cong and Mr. Coc

Hearing the news, the hereditary mandarin was ablaze with anger . He forced Mr. Coc to do hard works in order to harm him. With the help of the fairy man and wild animals, Coc completed the works and met all requirements. However, this did not satisfy the mandarin, he put Ms. Cong into custody and lock her in, and gave commands to his underlings to chase Mr. Coc. As for Coc, he returned home and waited for the day to see his lover again. He waited, waited until the whole body turned into a mountain but Ms. Cong did not come. Missing Mr. Coc, Ms. Cong uninterruptedly cried, and her body was dissolved into water.

Coc mountain now is the embodiment of the boy in the old days while his lover was transformed into gentle Cong river. People said that, when the flood water rose, Ms. Cong always tried to emerge to get closer to Mr. Coc

What to see in Nui Coc Lake

On arriving here, tourists will certainly be surprised at a tall and majestic work which is the giant statue of Sakyamuni Buddha. The statue is 45 meters high, especially, this is a hollow statue, inside the of Buddha statue there is a temple named Thac Vang (Golden Fall)

The majestic Buddha statue and Thac Vang Temple

Coming to Nui Coc Lake, visitors can be attracted by a series of other attractive destinations. Sitting on the pontoon boat, drifting along the small river symbolizing the tear of Ms. Cong in the legend, visitors can understand more deeply about the legend of Cong River – Coc mountain through the illustration of the story. Additionally, visitors can discover Ba Cay Thong (Three pines) cave, the Fairy world cave or play in the water park (in summer), visit the zoo or shop in the love-market …

The water park in Nui Coc Lake tourist site

Not merely is Nui Coc Lake a place to rest, it is also a place for visitors to immerse themselves in the legendary world, feel better about love, life and even have the opportunity to look back at themselves.

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