Ho Chi Minh City

Best Things To Do In Ho Chi Minh City
The modern and pulsating city of Ho Chi Minh offers you several activities to do here.

        Morning cycling

With the development of technology, motorbikes and private cars dominated the city. However, cyclo, the slow breath of Vietnamese life still keeps its own significance in the eyes of visitors. Through the unhurried paths in the morning to see a new face of Sai Gon by a charming miracle of cycling.

        Visiting Reunification Palace and Central Post Office

In Reunification Palace, there are the meeting rooms in the ground floor and reception rooms in the first floors. The second floor is arranged with a card-playing room, a cinema and nightclub. Towards the end are rooms where videos appraise the palace and its history.
The Saigon Central Post Office is always the highlight of a dynamic Saigon. The grand interior such as ceiling, typical symmetric and steel pillars strikes you a lot.

Saigon Central Post Office

A great view of Reunification Palace

Coming to Ben Thanh Night Market

Street foods such as sizzling cakes, spring rolls and beef noodles are waiting for your cravings. With great food and good atmosphere, the night market is a must-see, even if you’ve been to the market all day. Join the crowd, grab a drink, grab a stool and enjoy a unique slice of life in the busy city.

Taking part in a Vespa tour after dark

If sitting in a cyclo to wallow the whole city in early morning, why don’t you take a Vespa tour to find other charms of Saigon. The sparkling lights dotted the whole city in the astounding beauty, which is a hard-to-beat-combination among light, sound and also the rhythms of life. Riding a Vespa to discover the noisy sounds and crowd streets!

        Watching the best of Ho Chi Minh City from Skyscapers

Telescopes are necessary for you to converge all the ravishing beauty of Saigon after dark from the 49th floor of the Bitexco Financial Tower. Ho Chi Minh City, a modern but charming city has thrown off the shadows of the past to embrace a brighter future.

Bitexco Financial Tower & Sai Gon River at night

       Taking a cooking class at Hoa Tuc Restaurants

Find out how to make some typical foods such as spring rolls, sizzling cakes or Quang noodles. It is not only the cooking class but also a lesson of Vietnamese culture. You take steps by steps to Vietnamese gastronomic. You, yourself, find the hidden value behind each simple dish in your luxury trips to Vietnam.

Where to Go Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City like a Local

Not only attracting tourists with attractive and unique tourist destinations, delicious and rich dishes … Saigon is also known as a “paradise for shopping ” with bustling shops and markets which are always busy days and nights.

The following is a list of top 10 busiest shopping areas synthesized recently. Let’s have a look at!

Binh Tay Market (or Cho Lon in China Town)

Binh Tay Market, also known as Cho Lon, was built in 1920s of the 20th century. Market is built on an area of over 17,000 m² in the ancient style. Binh Tay Market now has more than 2,300 stalls with more than 30 categories of products. Coming to Binh Tay Market, visitors both watch ancient architecture and learn the history of the market and go shopping with reasonable prices.

Nguyen Trai Street

Nguyen Trai is a not long street, connecting two districts of 1 and 5 in Saigon but it is a place where famous fashioned clothing are sold for a long time.

Nguyen Trai can be divided into 3 areas. The area of Ward 15, District 5 is dedicated to the group at the age of 15-20. Goods here are multi-categories, multi-origins including Thailand, China, etc The area from Nguyen Trai junction – Le Hong Phong Street to the intersection of Nguyen Trai – Ton That Tung concentrates prestigious Vietnamese brands for young people, such as Viet Thy, Viet Tien, Tay Do… The most outstanding place are some shops located in Nguyen Trai Street, district 1.
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Sai Gon Square

With diverse commodities, particularly reasonable prices, Saigon Square is known as “a paradise for shopping in the heart of the city”. Saigon Square now has two centers: Saigon Square 1 located on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, District 1 and Saigon Square 2 is located on Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1.

Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon

Aeon Mall Tan Phu Celadon is a commercial center from Japan which helps you combine shopping, relaxation and entertainment, suitable for all ages. The center has a professional and thoughtful staff, with full of quality items of prestigious brands.

Crescent Mall

Officially coming into operation in November 2011, Crescent Mall is considered the first commercial center in Vietnam with international standards. Designed with unique arc shape, it can be compared with other famous commercial centers in Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries in Asia. Currently, Crescent Mall offers more than 134 retail stores allocated over 5 modern and large floors.

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market was built in 1914 with an area of nearly 13,000 square meters, 1,437 individual and more than 100 stalls of 9 enterprises. Goods in the market are diverse which meet the demands of consumption, sightseeing, shopping in the country and abroad. Try a visit to the Ben Thanh market, so that you can feel the attractiveness of the traditional Vietnamese market in the heart of the modern city.

Vincom Center

Vincom Center is a large commercial center in Saigon, where you can find plenty of shops, dining or office-renting services. Vincom Center is divided into two buildings: Vincom A (72 Le Thanh Ton) and Vincom B (45A Ly Tu Trong). Vincom A is located in a building designed in French -style architecture, which showcases international products with famous brands. Vincom Center A is an ideal place for you to go shopping and relax.

SC Vivo City

Located in a strategic location, in 1058 Nguyen Van Linh Street, District 7, SC VivoCity is inherited the success of the largest commercial center in Singapore – VivoCity – which was voted as one of “top 10 shopping destinations in the world “in 2011. SC VivoCity is located in the urban area of Saigon South – one of the most vibrant areas in Ho Chi Minh City and it is only about 5 km from the city center.

An Dong Market – An Dong Plaza

Founded in 1954, An Dong Market is one of the central market of the city with main items of clothes, ready-made garments, shoes … From the ground floor to the 3rd floor is the area for dining restaurants , fruits, flowers, furniture, handicraft items. An Dong market is built broadly, cleanly and modernly, very safe and convenient for tourists to go shopping. Today, next to An Dong Market is the magnificent An Dong Plaza building which is newly built.

Lotte Mart Nam Saigon

Lotte is the 5th largest corporation in Korea, operating in various sectors such as distribution, food, construction, entertainment, travel, … Lotte Mart has opened four trade centers, but the most crowded and bustling is Lotte Mart Saigon South in District 7.