The city of thousand flowers has Da Lat Flowers Festival and Flower Villages

The city of thousand flowers has Da Lat Flowers Festival and Flower Villages

Da Lat - The City of Flowers

Dalat Flower Festival - Became a national and international event.

Is a festive event held in Da Lat city, Lam Dong, Vietnam and some other localities in Lam Dong province in December – the month that Da Lat has the most beautiful weather of the year. Flower Festival is an opportunity for the city to display and exhibit vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants locally as well as from many regions in the country and some other countries for the purpose of attracting tourists to visit. resort in Da Lat, promoting economic growth for the city.

Da Lat Flower - So beautiful
The Flower Festival is also an activity to honor the value of flowers and floriculture, to call for investment in the flower growing industry in Da Lat.

The famous flower villages in Da Lat

If you have opportunities to go to Dalat, you should not forget to visit the famous flower villages in Da Lat.

Thai Phien Flower Village

Flower Village in Da Lat

Thai Phien flower village is located on ward No. 12, 7 km from the center of Da Lat City. Compared to many areas in this plateau city, Thai Phien has a fairly flat terrain, fertile soil and water from the streams leading to Than Tho lake.. . these conditions are very favorable for growing flowers.

Therefore, while more than 50 years ago, Thai Phien just planted some kinds of flower such as chrysanthemum, gladiolus, roses, hydrangeas, now, coming here, tourists can see many varieties of flowers imported from France, Japan, Indonesia, the Netherlands as lilies flower, lisianthus flower, carnation, tulip… Since the flowers are cultivated all year round, the flower beds in Thai Phien village are always full of vitality.

In the garden, you can not only unleash enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers, but can also observe the farming practices in many sections. Some people cultivate seedlings, some plant the flowers, some fertilize and take care, some pick the bloomed flowers, some wrap and package the product flowers. At harvest time, especially near Tet period, the atmosphere in Thai Phien becomes animated with vehicles transporting flowers appear in every roads.

While in the daytime, Thai Phien is brilliant with thousands of flowers blooming and showing their beauty, the night here is attractive with the beauty of the shimmering yellow lights. Seen from above, the flower village is like a fascinating “city” of light with accumulating gardens which are sparkling in a hilly area.

Ha Dong Flower Village

Ha Dong Flower Village

Founded 75 years ago by a group of 35 households coming from Hanoi, Ha Dong flower village, located on ward No. 8 today, is considered the first flower-growing village of Dalat. Only approximately 2 km from the center of Da Lat to the west, Ha Dong flower village is an attractive destination for tourists who want to admire the colorful flower gardens.

Despite having passed three fourths of the century, the imprints of the predecessors are still preserved in the village with the architecture of garden – pond – barn characterizing the countryside in the North, and especially, the pure voice of Hanoi.

Like Thai Phien flower village, Ha Dong flower village was formed on the beautiful terrain, sloping along the low hillsides with fertile soil and stream water running through. Initially, the plants here are mainly strawberries, vegetables and chamomile, lily, gladiolus …, but now, Ha Dong flower village has added many new varieties such as lilies flower, orchids, cymbidium, roses, Japanese chrysanthemums, baby… In particular, the traditional flowers are given priority by the villagers and are preferred by the customers.

Thai Phien Flower Village

Da Lat - The City of flowers

In spite of not being as perennial as Thai Phien and Ha Dong flower villages, Van Thanh is known as the largest flower village in Dalat, and is about 3 km the from the city center. From a dozen years ago, the inhabitants from Hanam province migrated to Dalat, established Van Thanh flower village today.

Although Van Thanh has steep mountainous terrain, in the form of terraces, this is still the main supplier for Dalat flowers, especially roses. Van Thanh Rose are mainly grafted from the trunks of wild rose stems. With new rose buds imported from Holland, Van Thanh villagers have created many types of roses which have different colors such as red roses, pink rose, pink, yellow moon rose,…

Besides the rose strengths, Van Thanh also attracts visitors with many beautiful flowers like daisies, lily, Salem, carnation, gerbera… Drifting in the “kingdom of flowers”, you can also enjoy the charming aroma.

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