Top 10 Travel Destinations in Vietnam

Top 10 Travel Destinations in Vietnam

  1. Cu Lao Cau, Binh Thuan province

Cu Lao Cau or Hon Cau is one of the two marine reserves of Binh Thuan, about 100 km from Phan Thiet. Looking from the mainland, Cu Lao Cau is like a “stone kingdom” with strange shapes, attracting visitors by clear water color, looking down to the bottom. Therefore, this is also considered a diving paradise.

Come here, during the day you will have the opportunity to see the vegetation, natural coral diversity and extremely beautiful. In the evening, you can join your party on BBQ on the beach, camp fire, and team building games. Sometimes just listening to the waves, the wind blowing in the face of the salty sands of the sea is enough to vibrate the “wandering heart” of the moving people.

  1. Tam Hai Island, Quang Nam Province

About 40 km south of Tam Ky city, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, Tam Hai island is separated from the outside world by the romantic Truong Giang. Want to come here, you can go by motor boat from Tam Tien commune to the north or go along the National Highway 1 and then turn to the sea about 10 km, through a ferry at the mouth of the Ky Ha River. Because the road is not favorable, it is very difficult to develop in tourism despite the great potential.

Tam Hai Island as a jewel hidden in the shell has not been honed. But perhaps, its pristine beauty appeals to those who love to explore and like new sensations. The local people on the island live peaceful and happily under the green coconut trees reflecting the immense water.

  1. Whale Island, Khanh Hoa

Hon Ong, also known as Whale Island, is a small island located in Van Phong Bay in Van Ninh District, Khanh Hoa Province, nearly 100km from Nha Trang.

Hon Ong Island is very different from other tourist island in that there are no inhabitants. On the island only a single resort named Whale Island Resort, and all services are provided by the resort. Environmental protection is also very important in Hon Ong island (not fishing or hunting birds). So if you are looking for a place where you can “hang out”, a crowded place or a noisy night bar, then Hon Ong Island is not perfect.

Hon Ong is only suitable for those who love the sea, like to explore the natural wilderness, tranquillity, those who want to shirk away from the noisy or tumult of urban life, newlywed couples want to enjoy the sweet honeymoon together.

  1. Nam Du, Kien Giang

Nam Du is an archipelago of 21 big and small islands, located in the southwest of the S-shaped map. A small archipelago of two communes, An Son and Nam Du, located in Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province, 65 nautical miles from Rach Gia, is known as Kien Giang. Nam Du has many beautiful places to make visitors enjoy, according to which the early days, you should take the time to explore the points such as Ma Thien Lanh, Hon Be, Hon Hai Bo Beach, lighthouse …

Cuisine in Nam Du is mainly fresh seafood, so you can enjoy the choice of fish such as bone marinated banana, grilled onion, ginger steamed squid, sour fish soup, dried fish …

  1. Diep Son, Khanh Hoa

Diep Son consists of 3 small islands, lying in the waters of Van Phong Bay. The journey to discover the island starts from Van Gia town, after about an hour floating on the sea, the beautiful archipelago Diep Son appear gradually, cut clearly on the horizon.

The special thing about Diep Son Island is the journey to conquer the 700-meter long sea road which is extremely unique and interesting, connecting the island to the large Diep Son island. The winding road, about 1 meter wide and deep below the sea, is less than half a meter deep. Walking on this road brings a sense of excitement, nervousness and a little fear when you have to walk in the middle of the ocean. You can enjoy the view of the small fish swimming on the two sides, sometimes seeing the fish jump out of the water, or raise your hands to wave the boat passing by.

  1. Ta Dung Lake, Dak Nong Province

Ta Dung Lake is a valley in Ta Dung Mountain, Dak Som Commune, Dak G’long District, Dak Nong Province. As a blue mirror which is prominent in the wild mountains of thhe Central Highlands, this place attracts so many visitors. Many people even nicknamed Ta Dung Lake as “Halong Bay of the Central Highlands”.

The journey to Ta Dung Lake is not too difficult. After coming to Gia Nghia town, you go about 48 km along the national highway 28 to reach the lake. Long, but easy to drive. Driving in the forest scenery will leave you unforgettable experience.

  1. Hon Son, Kien Giang

Hon Son belongs to Lai Son commune, Kien Hai district, Kien Giang province. Hon Son Island is located in the middle of Nam Du Island and Hon Tre Island, which is considered one of the most pristine and unspoilt islands in the Kien Giang Sea. Hon Son owns clean beach, white sand beach, blue sea with coconut trees, wild rocky terrain, quiet and comfortable space suitable for you to relax after long busy days in the city.

  1. Hon Mong Tay – Nail Island, Phu Quoc

Nail Island is an ideal place for camping, exploring the island and admire the beautiful natural surroundings. Come to the Nail island, open before your eyes is the clear jade water in the shadow of the green coconut, the beautiful natural stones, sandy white beach with special beauty. Going deep into the island is the grasslands.

You can also find some henna trees (or hina tree – means Mong Tay in Vietnamese), the reason for the island has this special name. At your ear only the sound of the waves, the wind, the noise of the city are gone. The feeling of full harmony with the vast space of heaven and earth will create a dizzy overwhelming feeling for those who come here.

  1. Hai Tac – Pirate Islands, Kien Giang

Pirate Island in Kien Giang is considered a strange destination right from the name. In fact, this is the name of an archipelago of 16 islands, the largest of which is Hon Tre Island (Hon Doc), located in Tien Hai Commune, Ha Tien District. It is located near the coast of Ha Tien 28 km and Phu Quoc island is about 40 km away. Much of the island is covered by forest, the place near salt water is surrounded by unspoiled rocks. Here, in addition to exploring and listening stories from local people about the origin of the name of the Pirate islands, you will have the opportunity to experience the natural landscape with pristine, cool and fresh beauty.

  1. Dam Mon, Khanh Hoa

Dam Mon Peninsula is located in Van Phong Bay, Van Thanh commune, Van Ninh district, Khanh Hoa province, about 80 km from Nha Trang city along the National Highway 1A to the north. Dam Mon beach is especially quiet and clean, because the sea is shielded by Hon Gom peninsula and Hon Lon arch so there is no big wave all year round.

Come to Dam Mon you can visit the fishing village to learn about life here, admire the scenery because it is very beautiful. It is a great place for amateur or professional photographer. Other activities in Dam Mon that you can experience are exploring the ocean with scuba diving or snorkeling trips to the islands, discovering the island’s beauty or simply dipping yourself under a clear, sparkling beach.

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