Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites

Tra Co- The Beach Owning the Highest Number of Tourist Sites
Nearly 200 kilometers from the center of Ha Long city, Tra Co resort, Mong Cai City is a unique cultural tourist site and attractive marine tourist detonation attracting thousands of tourists to visit every year.

Tra Co is considered the beach owning the most tourist sites
Tra Co beach resort is located on the northeast pole – the border area of the country. Tra Co beach is the ideal sandy beach stretching 17 km from Got cape (in the North) to Ngoc cape (in the South) and is enough for thousands of people to swim and play. The sand here is as smooth as a carpet mingling with the blue sea found in the Central coast, but there are mountains reflected characterizing the see in North. Along the coast, there is dozens of kilometers long poplar forest creating a very romantic landscape.

The white sand and blue water in Tra Co
Visitors come to Tra not only to swim, but also to participate in sports games such as soccer, volleyball on the beach with friends. Especially, in the summer early morning or afternoon, visitors can walk on the seaside promenades to enjoy the fresh air of the vast ocean. The deep hollow note of the church bell gives visitors a sense of calm. Despite being situated on the busy economy and trade area of Mong Cai border gate, Tra Co still has something very quiet, peaceful, and no hustle. Going to the in the early mornings, visitors will witness the fishing rafts returning from a night of hard work at sea moored closely together. Tra Co fishermen lumber the heavy nets carrying the fresh fish and shrimp….

The fishermen with heavy nets of fish and shrimp
Apart from that, approximately 6km from Tra Co, it is Con Mang, an extremely romantic place to see the dawn and dusk. Here, visitors can sit leisurely on the big rocks around a totally secluded setting to listen to the waves with white foam crashed on to the rocks, which gives visitor the feeling like being immersed to the nature.

Con Mang- the ideal place to see the sunrise and sunset
There are many beautiful old architecture such as Tra Co church, temple, tomb, Xuan Lan temple… around Tra Co beach. Historic Cultural Tra Co communal house relic built during the fifteenth century worships the 6 Creators, the first people to set up ancient Tra Co village, and also attracts many tourists.

Besides the traditional Vietnamese architectures, Tra Co also has a quite famous Western-style architecture, Tra Co Church built in the 1880s and restored in 1995. The church of quite ancient, massive and has luxurious architecture with hundreds of reliefs and a nearly a hundred year old bell.

The ancient and magnificent Tra Co church, an attractive destination in Tra Co
Like many other major resorts, Tra Co is now being invested to become a luxurious resort with high quality tourism service. Tra Co has been becoming an indispensable destination for travelers in each time visiting Quang Ninh, visiting the city located on the northeast border of the country…


Tra Co is located in the northeast of Quang Ninh province, about 8-9 km from Mong Cai district and Mong Cai border gate. People who live here are mostly migrants from Do Son coming to live and do business.

If you travel from Hanoi by private car, you can go along the highway No. 18, Hanoi – Hon Gai, turn to highway 4 in Tien Yen to go to Mong Cai town. From here, you can move to Tra Co beach. The path from Mong Cai to Tra Co quite spacious and safe.

If you go by passenger car, you should choose Hanoi – Mong Cai car, it takes you about 5 hours and cost from 120,000 VND/ sear or 150,000 VND/ berth. These cars are available at Giap Bat, My Dinh, Luong Yen stations. A travel experience when coming to Tra Co by this way is that you should book the night car since it will save you time.

If you start at Hai Phong or Bai Chay, you can travel by hydrofoil. The Hydrofoil goes smoothly, so you will not feel seasick. Each day there are two trips from Tra Co returning Bai Chay and from Hai Phong going to Tra in the morning and in the afternoon.

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