Travel Solo Ideas – Best Countries For Solo Travelers To Visit

Travel Solo Ideas – Best Countries For Solo Travelers To Visit

Going on holiday trip alone Don’t worry. We have listed some of the friendliest and safest countries for you to travel solo.

Several travelers who are fond of travelling say that seeing the world alone is the best way to enjoy the natural beauty of this planet. The whole idea for travelling solo is the when you travel alone you can easily explore places and cultures without being influenced by your partners preferences, prejudices or tastes.

The idea of travelling solo means that you are likely to begin an adventure trip on your own, but when you travel with a partner it means you need to focus on the person and forget about exploring the opportunity of meeting other travelers like you.

Here is a list of few places which popped into my head for travel solo ideas and I decided to start my journey from Europe.

  1. New Zealand– If you are a big fan of the Lord of The Rings movie, then you must be aware that this movie was pictured in New Zealand in the lush greenery setting. New Zealand is an amazing country for those who want to travel alone and go around enjoying the glaciers, rainforests, Southern Alps and beautiful rivers. The Milford Track is well known for activities like the bungee jumping, hiking and jet boating. Apart from these things New Zealand is famous for being the friendliest and open-minded tourist destinations in the world – this is the main thing which attracts a solo traveler.
  2. Norway – This beautiful land of the Fjords is famous for its endless beauty. The best way to see Norway is through the coastal steamers which sail up the coast of Norway and bring you in the city of Bergen. And if you don’t want to travel through the coastal steamers then get yourself signed up with a tour which will take you on a trekking trip along the Fjords and offer you comfortable accommodation in hotels or mountain huts and sleep among the North Light.

3.Costa Rica – Did you know that the concept of solo travelling started from Costa Rica; well I guess many of you didn’t know this, but it’s true. Costa Rica is also known as the happiest country in the world. This amazing destination has been attracting several tourists to Central America for surfing on the pacific coast and enjoying rafting for a day on the Pacuare or Reventazon rivers.

  1. Japan – Travel to Japan the most exciting place to be for solo travelers, get into a bullet train and ride past the Fuji Mountain experience the distinct serenity of old Kyoto. In Japan you will find lodgings made solely for solo travelers. You can enjoy common hot spring bath or you can arbitrate in the Zen garden, dine at a sushi counter restaurant the most amazing part for solo travelers.
  2. Panama – The prime reason to travel to Panama is for adventure travel from whitewater rafting on the Chiriqui Viejo and Chiqui to Zipliningto the tropical forests, Panama offers the solo traveler a vast opportunity for exploring. Panama has an intense growing culture, with a Caribbean vibe, extreme nightlife and tempting beach culture for single travelers.

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