Vung Tau

5 Free Attractions in Vung Tau
About 3 hours of driving from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, with a coastline that stretches 20km, Vung Tau is one of the favorite destinations in the south of tourists. Located jutting out like a strip of land, from here, people can see the South China Sea both in the sunrise and sunset. Besides the natural landscape values, Vung Tau is also a land owning long history cultural traditions.

  1. Vung Tau Lighthouse
    Situated atop Nho (Small) Mountain, built in 1862 and rebuilt in 1913, the lighthouse still retains the classic design, architecture, and is one of the oldest lighthouses in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Walking along the mountainside path with dense trees with a craggy cliff on one side, the bustling city on the other one, visitors will have a very interesting experience. On the height of 170 meters, you will see a cylindrical tower of 18 meters high, 3 meters in diameter painted white standing out from the cloudy sky and the surrounding trees. Inside, a spiral staircase takes you close to the top and have direct access to the balcony outside to observe panoramic sea with spread beaches.

  1. Nghinh Phong Cape

Being a stretched headland located in the southernmost point of Vung Tau city, Nghinh Phong Cape welcomes breezes all year round as its name, so the climate is always cool, pleasant. Around the cape, there are many big stones of fancy shapes becoming the ideal destination for those who love fishing and adventure. Near the cape is Vong Nguyet beach where has beautiful scenery, blue water, but this place is only suitable for sightseeing or enjoying seafood.

  1. Hon Ba

From Nghinh Phong Cape overlooking the sea, visitors will easily observe Hon Ba. When the tide is low, a stone walkway leading to Mieu Ba – an important historical monument of local, will be revealed. Mieu Ba is now 4 meters high above the ground, inside the temple, there is worship hall with a basement of 6m long and 3m wide, and is a secret meeting place during the revolution. The shrine attracts many pilgrims to visit and worship, pray for good luck on the full moon day or the first day of lunar month.

  1. Heo (Pig) Hill

Heo Hill, where was once the place of quarrying and now gradually becomes a favorite of young people, especially those who love to take pictures, is located just behind Sau beach. The landscape here dramatic changes in two seasons. The dry season is barren with stones, while trees and grass are green and fresh in the rainy season. Standing on the hill, visitors can enjoy the panoramic view of the beautiful city of Vung Tau of and take the unique photos.

  1. Thang Tam Temple

Thang Tam temple relic complex consists of the communal house, Ba Ngu Hanh temple and Tomb Ong Nam Hai (Whale) located on Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Thang Tam Ward. Thang Tam communal house built in 1840 was finely carved, gilded with linking architecture style, including the forefather’s hall, hall, central hall…

Mieu Ba was established in the late 19th century to worship Ngu Hanh (the five basic elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth), later rebuilt in the style of one compartment and two lean-tos. Ca Ong mausoleum was also built in the same time of Mieu Ba, currently, the mausoleum preserves the giant Whale skeleton fished out by local fishermen more than 100 years ago. In addition to keeping the characteristics historical, cultural values, Thang Tam temple is a place to organize the festival with bold folk culture and national identity, therefore helps visitors discover many interesting things during the trip to Vung Tau.