where to visit in vietnam?

where to visit in vietnam?

Fansipan Legend Cable Car System-Facts that not many People Know
The introduction of Fansipan Legend cable car system helps to shorten the time to conquer the roof of Indochina. Previously, it took visitors 2 to 4 days to climbing to the peak, but now, you spend only 15 minutes sitting in the cable car to reach the top of Fansipan. However, do you all the interesting facts about this wonderful slings? Let’s explore with us!

The most complicated cable car project in the world
Fansipan cable car project is located in the complex of tourist projects, entertainment, hotels in Sapa, and is built with the aim of bringing more tourists to the roof of Indochina, where is at the altitude of up to 3143m.

Fansipan cable car system is the first and only cable car system in the world which operates without the conventional rescue system. Because, when experiencing any problems, the cable car takes visitors to the foothill safety.

It is remarkable that Fansipan cable cars are constructed by Doppelmayr, the world-famous cable car manufacturers with the unique 3- cable design and the strictest technical requirements to ensure the safety of travelers.
Fansipan slings received two Guinness Records
In February 2016, on the occasion of the cable car system’s inauguration, Fansipan slings were given the two records by Guinness World Records Organization:

  • The longest non-stop three- wire cable car: 6292,5m
  • The greatest elevation difference by a non-stop three- wire cable car: 1410m

This is the pride of the team of designers and constructors, the new pride of the people of Sapa for a new project of international stature. Fansipan cable car system, in the near future, will be one of the phrases that are most mentioned when people talk about Sapa.

The slings at the height of 3,143 meters
Fansipan cable car is located at an altitude of 3143 meters above sea level, starting in Muong Hoa valley to the top of Fansipan, which is known as the Roof of Indochina.

Each cabin running on the cable car system can accommodate up to a maximum of 30- 35 guests and the capacity is impressive with 2,000 guests throughout the system/ hour. Time total time of climbing the Fansipan peak was formerly 2- 4 days, but now it is dramatically shortened to just 15 minutes traveling by cable cars.

However, you still need to conquer the final steps to reach the top of the mountain. After getting off at the station, you will have to climb another 600 steps to reach the top of Fansipan, where is at an of altitude 3143 meters.
Shortening the journey to conquer the “Roof of Indochina”
At the height of 3143m compared to sea level of Indochina Rooftop, Fansipan peak challenges the perseverance and a sense of conquest, expresses passion and aspirants of the travelers. Previously, Fansipan was only for those who are strong and healthy enough, patient and persistent enough; nowadays, it is the destination for everyone because the way to the peak is shortened a lot.

From here, the path to the Roof of Indochina will be faster, closer. The opportunity to experience a great feeling on the peak to see impressive nature will come with more people. Fansipan slings really create miracles.
So, do you want to take the cable car to the top of Fansipan?
Fansipan Legend Cable Car is a great work, isn’t it? So let’s go to Sapa and take the cable car and enjoy the feeling on the peak of Fansipan right now! How can you reach Sapa? Taking a bus is the fastest, safest and most convenient solution for you.

To be ensured and comfortable, you should arrive at the station 30 minutes earlier than the departure. You can catch buses of the brands of Vietbus, Sao Viet, Hung Thanh… in My Dinh Bus station or on 284 Giai Phong street. Advantages of the car include going straight to Sapa town and not stopping at any station, the car also runs at night like trains. However, traveling by car may face obstacles in the rainy season. Also, the road to Lao Cai, Sapa is quite steep and bumpy.

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8 Beautiful Places You Must See in Phu Yen

Phu Yen in Vietnam has been known as a beautiful land of bright yellow flowers and lush green grass along with fantastic places. Let’s see and discover!

  1. Bai Reu Xom Ro (Moss Beach of Ro Village)

Belonging to Phu Dong Ward in Tuy Hoa city of Phu Yen province, Bai Reu Xom Ro features with rugged concrete boulders lying deep under the seawater and is filled up with lush green moss on side. Bai Reu Xom Ro is more beautiful in sliver seawater and waves.

  1. Dam O Loan (O Loan Lagoon)

Dam O Loan belongs to Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, which is famous for renowned seafood – oyster. Besides, seafood here is really diversified and delicious with various options such as shrimp, fish, crab, etc bringing you tasty dishes. Another interesting activity is to go follow the fishermen on board to catch fish and capture some beautiful pictures at sunset on the beach.

  1. Bai Mon (Mon Beach)

Bai Mon is a small beach in Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province; however it is very beautiful, especially at sunrise. It still remains its unspoiled beauty and there are not many services so you should prepare everything before visiting the beach.

  1. Mang Lang Church

Mang Lang Church is considered the oldest church in Phu Yen province, An Ninh Tay commune, Tuy An district, Vietnam. It was a place where Alexander de Rhodes wrote his Cathechismus in octo dies in Latin and Vietnamese (Quốc ngữ) and printed it in 1651 in Rome, Italy. The church is named after a purple flower, bloom in clusters; however this flower is no longer and is just told by seniors.

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  1. Ghenh Da Dia (Da Dia Rapid)

Ghenh Da Dia is literally translated into Sea Cliff of Stone Plates (in Vietnamese: Ghềnh Đá Đĩa or Gành Đá Dĩa), belonging to Phu Yen province, An Ninh Dong commune, Tuy An district and located about 40km from Tuy Hoa city. Ghenh Da Dia is known as a seashore area of uniformly interlocking basalt rock columns. It is considered the most beautiful site in Phu Yen, Vietnam.

  1. Dong Cam Damp

Before 1975, this dam is called Bao Dai dyke, which is considered the largest irrigation works in Phu Yen province. This dam owns the picturesque scenery connecting two majestic mountains, Tru Cac and Qui Hau.

  1. Binh Thanh Wooden Bridge

This wooden bridge is often called as Mr. Tiger Bridge by locals and is also best known as the longest wooden bridge of Vietnam with 700 m high. The bridge spans the Binh Da river mouth and spills to Tien Chau port. At the far distance, the bridge looks very weak.

  1. Song Hinh Hydropower

Located about 60 km from Tuy Hoa City along Highway No 29 forward to Dak Lak, Song Hinh Hydropower is a project belonging to Ea Trol commune, Song Hinh district, Phu Yen province. Here visitors will have a great opportunity to visit springs, enjoy peaceful scenery by cycling around the pine trees, and contemplate a beautiful sunset.

5 Attractive Isles around Phu Quoc Island
Coming to Phu Quoc Island, you must look at 5 following beautiful islands to experience the wild beauty and explore the many exciting activities of sea and island.
Xuong Island
This is the most remote island located in the south of the island of Phu Quoc. Xuong island seawater is very clear and deep. The most interesting thing is a huge cave with imposing cliffs. From this cave, you can lie and dive to see beautiful views of the sea on Xuong island.

This is a great location for those who enjoy diving and watching coral with many precious and beautiful corals which are equally beautiful to those on May Rut Ngoai Island.
May Rut Ngoai island
May Rut Ngoai is located in the south of Phu Quoc Island, about 3 miles from the center of An Thoi town. In order to get to May Rut Ngoai island, visitors can travel by boat in about 1 hour.

May Rut Ngoai beach is relatively unspoiled, with many rocks and little sand, so sea water is very clear. During sand accretion season, the beach will only be full of white sand and blue water color which is picturesque. Here, in addition to swimming, you can hand hammocks to lie and relaxing, listen to the waves slapping or wander on the island for expeditions, taking pictures.

On the island, there is a family called Mrs. Tam and is also the only diner. Coming here, remember to visit her diner to taste pinch porridge specialty.
May Rut Trong island
Similar to wild character of the island of May Rut Ngoai, May Rut Trong island attracts tourists with the long sloping beach, fine white sand stretching along with coconut trees. The region of May Rut Trong sea has an incredibly diverse ecosystem with 125 species of fish and 150 species of molluscs. Besides, the many rare marine species such as clams, dugongs, sea turtle …

The island also attracts tourists with many interesting activities. The first one is to participate in a snorkeling tour, firsthand admiring the colorful beauty of more than 100 species of hard and soft corals. At night, visitors can experience the exciting feeling when going fishing for squid with the fishermen. It takes only 5 minutes travelling boat to visit the squid fishing village where visitors will catch fresh squid, grill or cook into porridge right on the boat.
Mot Island
Mot island is about 20 minutes riding motorbikes from the center of Duong Dong town (Phu Quoc district). Mot Island attracts tourists with the diversified ledges, strips of beach morning glory blooming very beautifully. The sea level is not deep, so we can see the corals, moss and all the fish swimming around. Here, you can unleash swimming, snorkeling, seeing fish, crab, pinch and more.

In addition, the island also has an extremely diverse, rich vegetation with many species of perennial trees, many strange species of mushroom growing on rotting tree trunks
Mong Tay island
Mong Tay island is almost an absolutely pristine island because there is no residents living and no intervention of the convenient service from the mainland.

Mong Tay island is the ideal location for outdoor activities such as camping, swimming or going deep to explore the wilderness with grasslands stretching.

Another interesting activity that you can not miss when coming here is to experience scuba diving to admire the extremely rich coral ecosystem with 17 types of hard and soft types of anemones of brilliant colors. The Coral reefs of many shapes, sizes and colors will surely leave a great impression on your mind on a trip to the “desert island”.
About cuisine, you can go to Phu Quoc island to buy seafood and process into favorite dishes.

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